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TOP 5 REASONS TO Complete a Dental Assistant Diploma Program

Whether beginning a career or looking for a new career and lifestyle, there are so many great reasons to become a Registered Dental Assistant (an “RDA”). KDM Dental College has been graduating dental assistants since 1995. Our graduates can enjoy the successful career and independent lifestyle that comes with it. Here are just a few of the great reasons to pursue a Dental Assistant Diploma career…

Reason #1


The Dental Assisting Diploma program at KDM Dental College is Accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada. Students who graduate from our program are eligible to seek registration for employment as a dental assistant in other provinces across Canada.

Reason #2

Starting wages and career outlook

Starting wages for RDA’s in Alberta are one of the highest in Canada. New graduates typically earn more than $20.00 per hour (Alberta Labour and Information Service, 2020). Demand for new RDAs continues to have an “above average” career outlook according to the Alberta Labour and Information Service.

Reason #3

Flexible scheduling

Registered Dental Assistants will have the opportunity to find full time employment with regular hours; or part-time employment as their schedules allow.

Reason #4

Hands-on work and variety and being part of a team

Registered Dental Assistants are exposed to challenging techniques and procedures working with different dentists and patients and have opportunities for continuous specialty education to increase skillset and value.

Registered Dental Assistants are an integral part of a close-knit group of dental health professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient care.

Reason #5

Volunteer opportunities

Whether volunteering with a local organization or an international organization, registered dental assistants may have the opportunity to use their skills to assist those in need.

Get started today and see the bright future that awaits!