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The experience and continued success of our students and alumni are what make us one of the top career colleges in Canada. We are proud to share a couple of our many successful alumni here.

Success Stories


2012 Graduate

Carmen had been working in the front office at a dental clinic when she decided she wanted to challenge herself and get a diploma in dental assisting so that she could work in the back doing patient care.

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2019 Graduate

In Samantha's previous healthcare job, it wasn’t uncommon for her to be working 16-hour overnight shifts. She knew she couldn’t sustain, or enjoy, that lifestyle much longer so she decided to look into other careers.

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2014 Graduate

A single mom that found a lifelong career of helping people and continuous learning.

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2020 Graduate

Growing up in Ukraine, Anastasiia always wanted to study medicine. As a child she was interested in science and medical procedures involved in fixing teeth. When she moved to Canada, she heard from a trusted friend that dental assisting was a good profession and decided to pursue her diploma.

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2020 Graduate

Brenda had started a new job as a steri technician in a dental office that she really enjoyed, but when she heard they were looking for a new dental assistant, she jumped at the chance to start a new career where she could make the most of her talents and interests.

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Alumni Community

KDM Dental College is excited to announce it is developing an Alumni Community as one more way to show our grads how much we value them! If you are a KDM Dental College graduate, complete the below form to become part of our Alumni Community mailing list as we announce preferred pricing at local businesses and opportunities to participate in special Alumni Community events...we may even ask if you are interested in being featured on our website!

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