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The mission of KDM Dental College is to provide a high standard of accessible, affordable and flexible education for the dental profession.

For over 25 years, KDM Dental College has been operated by a team that has always believed that by treating our students with respect, understanding, and compassion, we can enable them to find meaningful and well paid careers upon graduation. Our leadership team is proud to be surrounded by a large and qualified team of teachers, clinical coordinators, administrative staff, and a board of directors.

We continue to recognize that students, alumni, and dental practices and auxiliaries put their trust in us to do our absolute best to support them. Above all, our vision is routed in an absolute truth that our success will always depend on the success of our students and alumni.

Pandemic Plan and Procedures 

Click here to learn about recent updates to our COVID-19 procedures.

A Viral Pandemic occurs when a new virus emerges and spreads quickly causing illness and death worldwide.

Staff, faculty and students share the same space, supplies and equipment and can be at an increased risk of spreading flu to each other.

A virus spreads by droplets spreading through the air (3-6ft) when a person coughs or sneezes and by touching contaminated surfaces or objects and then their nose, eyes or mouth. Staff, faculty and students should practice preventive procedures to protect themselves and each other.

Pandemics are not as common as flu but can occur anytime.

Preventive Procedures

  • Wash hands with soap and water/disinfect hands (hand sanitizer), avoid touching the face, mouth, nose area. 
  • Stay home when you are ill 
  • Cover your coughs (elbow) and sneeze into a tissue 
  • Increase your distance from others in public 
  • Disinfect your work area, touched surfaces and objects 

KDM’s position for Staff, Faculty and Students

  • Individuals experiencing symptoms or feeling unwell must remain at home and call 811 to determine whether they must isolate, quarantine or test
  • KDM follows the current directives of the Alberta Medical Officer of Health, Alberta Learning, and the Dental Regulatory Bodies
  • Updated and specific protocols are available at the school

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